Our Services

Ordna Event Agency is the proud producer of a number of different coffee event properties including The Barista League and The Barista League Present’s. We also offer a wheat to bread approach to creating innovative, engaging and precisely delivered custom events for your company and brand. You decide the market, budget, and goals and we help develop a creative and custom made event for you - taking all the work off your hands and delivering a smooth and successful event.



With years of experience from running the successful The Barista League, the team behind Ordna can run a smooth, on time and exciting competition for you and your brand. Using the core values of your product or service, we can create a new and exciting competition concept to bring coffee professionals into contact with your brand.


Have a product or service you want to launch in a new market. We offer consulting and production planning services to help you launch your business in new markets. With our networks and goodwill built up from running events all over the world, we can help connect you with the right people.


Want your own event concept that you can carry forward as a core part of your marketing and sales strategy. We can help you create a sustainable event concept that can be rolled out in different cities and by different teams. With our detail oriented, pragmatic approach to event production we can built the perfect property to match your goals and strategies.


Want to make an impact at a big event or conference without having to spend 3 days trapped inside a convention center? Why not throw THE party of that week? We have a proven record of arranging the most attended and memorable parties of big coffee conferences, attracting the right people, and creating the right environment to mingle, chat and network without the stress or pressure of a trade show floor.

trade shows

Need to be present at a big trade show and want to show off something more than a white table and some samples? Want to be THE booth that people are talking about and posting about? Let us take our creative and subversive approach to the trade show floor with a creative solution for your next big conference.

Let not the TDS of the coffee distract you from the experience surrounding that coffee...
— fake quote, 2019